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Help Support Our Cause, Your Donations will make a BIG difference in the lives of needy people
From the Founder
Dear Friends,

Menjong Foundation is a registered member of the Civil Society Organization of Bhutan; which is a non-profit and non-governmental organization set up to bring positive changes in the lives of the people,
living in the remote areas of Bhutan. Since 2011, Menjong Foundation has been functioning properly and successfully, through the generous support of my students, friends and other interested individuals and organizations. We all live in the same world and share a common goal to live a happy and healthy life. Eventually, unless everybody is fine, nobody is going to be absolutely happy because we are all interdependent and connected in several different ways. Environmental pollution, gap between rich and poor, lack of equal condition for education and job opportunities leads to unrest and problems in a society. Therefore, Menjong Foundation is commited to make valuable contributions for environmental protection by planting fruit trees and by organizing cleaning campaign, raise awareness about global warming and the effect of climate change, provide support to protect our culture and tradition, organise workshops and seminars to highlight mental health issues and to help children living in the remote areas of Bhutan to get proper education. These are some of our top priorities and I would like to request all of you to join me to accomplish these goals for a better future.
I would like to thank all of you for your valuable contribution to Menjong Foundation so far and with our joint effort of generosity and compassion, let us help those individuals that are really in need.

Thank you and Tashi Delek

Khenpo P. Yeshi
Founder and Executive Director

Our Programmes

Education Support
  • Provide Scholarships
  • Provide Stationeries
  • Provide warm meal to the poor childrens
  • Provide uniforms, shoes, etc..

Provide Health Care
  • Support needy patients
  • Facilitate access to medical services

Environment Protection
  • Waste management awareness
  • Cheaning campaign
  • Tree plantations

Preserve Culture & Religion
  • Train young people to have values
  • Raise funds for the restoration of important culture heritage after any natural disaster
  • Organize events in communities and villages to help revitalize and to protect loss of any ancient village traditions and culture

Socio Economic Development
  • Provide technical skills to rural people
  • Provide shelter by building price worth houses for the homeless
  • Provide clean drinking water by setting up water tank
Activities carried out by Menjong Foundation

We provided Zilukha MSS different kinds of
fruit trees and offered them refreshment after they planted the trees

Found new source of water and built water tanks in Chendebji. Chendebji being our Pilot Project place, we started everything in Chendebji

Preservation of Nature & Environment

We educate students about bio gardening and help them to plant vegetables

Provided Electric Preserving Cooker with Temperature Control and Timer without Tap to the Chendebji Community

Reviewing the positive outcome out of the free lunch services, the Foundation introduced scholarship program for students

To  protect our environment we continue to support communities  by  educating them about waste management and by practically providing them   garbage bins.

Constructed public kitchen and toilet at Chendebji

Continued providing free lunch for seventy students at Chendebji Primary School under Trongsa Dzongkhag
From the folded hands of the Medicine Buddha, rays of wisdom light shines in all direction to the people who are in need. The healing plant that grows between the half open folded hands like the lotus blossoming represents the compassion of the Medicine Buddha that is spread to the entire region of Bhutan; which is also filled with Medicine Plants.

The colors of the hands of the Medicine Buddha are yellow and orange symbolizing the wisdom and compassion of the healing Buddha and meant for the Bhutanese people, through which their spiritual and material thirst will be quenched under the grace and blessings of the Sangay Menlha, the Enlightened Buddha.
Contact Info
Menjong Foundation
Bapa Samling
PO Box: 445
Thimphu, Bhutan
Phone: +975-77128816
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